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Stacktile helps development teams to understand DevOps tools and techniques easily and put them quickly into practice. Furthermore, their web app allows software companies to provide interactive documentation to their prospective customers to increase conversions.

The company also offers full stack development services in addition to an open source website/app monitoring system.

* Stacktile was acquired by another company based in Berlin.

My Role

As the company's lead designer, I was responsible for:

  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • UX & UI Design
  • Front-End development

Project Deliverable


  • Dr. Dan Levin (CEO)
  • Michael Martinides (Project Manager)
  • Fabian Schaffert (Software Engineer)
  • Amr Osman (Software Engineer)
  • Marco Canini Ph.D. (Technical Advisor)
Stacktile Team
Stacktile Tools


  • Sketch app
  • Invision app
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Html
  • Css
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Git

Making something
out of almost nothing

When I started they already had a nice logo, but only a logo?! I had to define typography and color palette.

What are the developers color? Black & Green? Ugh! A bold logotype needs a crisp typeface with character and a bunch of fresh colors and patterns with references to their world.

Online style guide


Background gradient


Background gradient


Background gradient








Success messages


Warnings and infos


Error messages

Stacktile: Visual identity background colors

And a special touch to the UI

Much before MacOS Mojave, depending on the user's local time, the background of the application changes color.

Web App UX & UI

I created a questionary and applied it to a group of users, furthermore, I examined the Piwik analytics data, and also designed and refined user stories, user journeys, and wireframes.

During the time I worked there, I did countless iterations like this to fine-tune the UX and UI of the application.

See the html prototype

Not always what we expect happens

For the launch of the web app, we created three landing pages with different designs, texts, and micro-copy to test which of them would convert better.

Landing page #1

Landing page #2

Stacktile Landing Page

Stacktile Solutions

As the company also offers full stack development services in addition to an open source website/app monitoring system, I created a website to advertise these areas.

Go to the website

Stacktile Landing Page


I wish I had more to show

Working at Stacktile was an excellent experience! I learned Git, improved my Scrum skills, and as part of the company's culture they encouraged us to do side projects that's how I came up with Dquote app.

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