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Welcome to the jungle

Sebrae is an organization that supports small businesses in Brazil. One of its business units in the state of Pará (Northern Brazil) wanted to put together a catalog of local artisans, to help them sell their products, not only in the domestic market but also worldwide.

They hired Elumina to produce a hardcover catalog to be distributed to over 20 countries across the Americas and Europe.

João Caldas and I traveled to remote Amazon, the world’s largest rainforest, to take the products pictures and conceptualize the catalog.

There, I had the opportunity to meet several indigenous tribes, experience their lifestyle and how they incorporated design into their lives.

After this experience, it was possible to design a catalog much closer to the local reality, making the work compelling and descriptive.


  • Hardcover catalog

My role

  • Art director
  • Lead designer
Sebrae Harcover Catalog: Amazon forest native Indian

Amazon tribes meet Bauhaus

The state of Pará besides being the gateway to the Amazon rainforest offers a unique cultural experience. There is a wealth that emanates from simple things like experiencing exotic fruits, drinking juices with flavors never imagined and eating fish and delicious Indian dishes. An explosion of colors and aromas!















Bauhaus & Americana Typeface

Such a unique place needed an unexpected typographic combination. We needed to express these values in a structured and practical way, nothing like being inspired by the Bauhaus!

Sebrae Harcover Catalog: Cover Sebrae Harcover Catalog: Intro
Sebrae Harcover Catalog: Toys Sebrae Harcover Catalog: Instruments Sebrae Harcover Catalog: Gourds


  • Luiz Monforte (Creative Director)
  • João Caldas (Photographer)
  • Anderson Freitas (Designer)
  • David Magila (Designer)
  • Yolanda Gomez (Spanish Translator)
  • Lara Smith (English Translator)
  • Fernanda Piccablotto (Producer)
  • Roberto Perfeito (Copywriter)

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