LG Electronics

Campaign for the launch of Plasma TVs in Brazil

A new reality

A long time ago plasma TV was a new technology, and they were super expensive. LG Electronics wanted to create a strong desire among consumers to its high-end TVs.

As Elumina's creative director I came up with the concept “The Reality of Plasma,” the work was inspired by the movie “2001 A Space Odyssey,” we created impactful marketing campaigns using both offline and online mediums.

As a result, LG exceeded its sales goals by 6x.

LG Electronics Flatron Plasma
LG Electronics Direct Mail & Magazine Ad


  • Dino Tudor (Designer)
  • Roberto Perfeito (Media Planner)
  • Fernanda Piccablotto (Producer)

Project Deliverable

  • Direct mail
  • Web banner
  • Magazine ad

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