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Mindful Design

After some years of traveling and working with people of different nationalities, I ended up in Berlin, where I met Tatiana Bastos again. We had already worked together at E.Com, the company I sold in 2012.

We decided to launch the Elumina Design Magazine. Where we share our experiences acquired during our long professional journeys with the vibrant community of graphic and web designers.

Project Manager Content Editor SEO Brand Manager Web Developer Growth Hacker Social Media Manager Roberto Simões (Creative Director) Tatiana Bastos (Art Director) Renato Maguila (Visual Designer) Dino Tudor (Software Engineer)

Project Deliverable

Elumina Work-Life Balance

Minimalism connected to the source

Elumina believes in the beauty of simplicity. We know that design is saying "no" more than "yes." Moreover, Elumina's values are knowledge, challenge, persistence, and collaboration. All these concepts should reflect on the brand.

Knowledge Challenge Persistence Collaboration
Learn Share Challenge Collaborate

The 9 Colors

In addition to using the good old black and white, we used the chakra colors to inspire our color palette because we know the importance of looking at the past to create the future. The primary palette is composed of pastel colors, from which we create a more vibrant and darker version.



















Vitality Love Communication Understanding Peace Root Creativity

Custom typography

Renato Maguila has created the modern typography to contrast with the concept of the chakras. Besides, we wanted the font to have excellent reading even when it's significantly reduced. The font family is composed of Black and Light versions.

Elumina Custom Typeface
Elumina - Design Your Life Elumina Logo

Landing Pages

The data we gathered in Google Analytics and Tag Manager drove the site redesign. We used Google Optimize to do the "A / B testing." We improved the design, the "calls to action," and the text until we reached the following numbers:

  • 23%
    in session duration time
  • 17%
    in bounce rate
  • 36%
    in pages per session
A / B TESTING Google Optimize WORDPRESS WEBSITE DATA COLLECTION DESIGN TOOLS Google Analytics Google Tag Manager Google Search Console Sketch Photoshop HTML / CSS / JS
Kiss Fun Facts image 1
Kiss Fun Facts image 3
Kiss Fun Facts image 3

Micro Sites

At Elumina, our mission is to create engaging content not only on the blog but also in different mediums. Our first experiment in this area was the Kiss Fun Facts microsite.

Visit: Kiss Fun Facts

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