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Dquote is a side project I designed while I was working for Stacktile. They encouraged us to do at least one side project per year. No constraints. It's exciting to work for a company with such a culture, it made me want to do something that inspires others.

I love inspirational quotes, they make me reflect. When I'm feeling tired or demotivated, I look for help with great people. Twitter is a good source of quotes, but it can be very distractive. That's why I created Dquote, an app that filters only Twitter quotes, it's easy to navigate, favorite, and retweet them.

Dquote App - Small Screen - Big Impact
Dquote Logo
Dquote Mobile App screenshot
Dquote Mobile App screenshots
Dquote Mobile App screenshots
Dquote App - Mobile Screen 1 Dquote App - Mobile Screen 2
Dquote App - Mobile Screen 3 Dquote App - Mobile Screen 3
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Project Deliverable

  • Brand Personality
  • Visual Identity
  • UX Questionary
  • UX Personas
  • UX Use Cases
  • UX User Flow
  • UI Wireframes
  • UI Design

Visual Identity, UI Design, and UX User Flow

Dquote designing in Sketch screenshot
Dquote designing user flow in Sketch screenshot

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