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An Inspiring Project

Dquote is a simple to use web and mobile app that displays a daily quote for each day of the year, including leap year (February 29th). It's your personal oracle.

I personally love inspirational quotes. When I'm tired or demotivated, I seek support from outstanding people. Twitter is a good source of quotes but can be very distractive. That's where Dquote comes in, an app that filters Twitter quotes, and it's easy to navigate, favorite, and retweet them.

Roberto Simões (Product Designer) Mary Lucca (CEO) Vaibhav Puri (Product Owner) Alek Shevchenko (App Developer) Visual Identity UX Questionary UX Personas UX Use Cases UX User Flow UI Wireframes UI Design Design System
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Personas & Branding

Our persona is a dynamic person who believes that the past has a lot to teach, and quotes quickly expand consciousness.

Most quotes that inspire us were written in books by brilliant people. Our idea was to create a brand that was at the same time sober and sophisticated like the outstanding intellectuals of history and simple like our era is.

The logo uses the letter "D" and a quotation mark, where the "D" opens like a book. The color palette is desaturated to refer to that "good old time."

We added an animated noise as a default background to give the brand intense energy, making it come alive. And we also used an organic shape that is slowly morphing as if the consciousness is expanding.

Dquote Blob Dquote Logo

Logo + Animations

Dquote UX Persona


Dquote Color Palette

Color Palette

Dquote Typography


Dquote App Icon

App Icon

User Experience

I worked with Mary to develop and apply a questionnaire to understand quote fans' aspirations for a daily use app. I designed the application's Use Cases and User Flow to understand the user and business goals.

The Use Cases and the Flow also helped the app engineer start the mobile application development.

Dquote App - UX Questionary
Dquote App - UX Use Cases
Dquote App - UX USer Flow

UI & Interactions

Although the app has few features, I soon realized that the UI would become crowded. Our purpose was always a clean interface where the quote was the main focus.

That's why I proposed to change the app's navigation to one similar to Tinder. With 4 types of swipes, the user could go to the next or previous quote, favorite, or retweet.

The splash screen was responsible for the Twitter login and instructing the user to navigate the app.

Dquote App - Splash

Splash Screen

Dquote App - Quote


Dquote App - Next Quote

Next Quote

Dquote App - Previous Quote

Previous Quote

Dquote App - Favorite Action

Favorite Action

Dquote App - Quote Favorited

Quote Favorited

Dquote App - Retweet Action

Retweet Action

Dquote App - Retweeted Quote

Retweeted Quote

“Roberto is always looking for the best solution, no matter how hard he has to work.”

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Mary Lucca – Dquote CEO
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