Brazilian first health care web TV.

In 2003 I started researching how to publish videos on the internet. My partner at Elumina and I wrote a business plan, and I introduced it to some entrepreneurs and incubators in Brazil. I got the same response from all of them: “It’s impossible to publish videos on the web. It will take a long time until this happens.”

Even so, I continued my research. In November 2006, Google bought Youtube. Right after that, I got some calls from potential investors. In February 2007, I received the first investment. I hired four web developers and started to develop the project.

At the beginning of 2008, we had the product in our hands. We heard that the Hospital das Clínicas was interested in creating a WebTV. It was not difficult to persuade the HC staff to hire us: at that time, we were the only ones with this technology in Brazil. Besides that, we had partnered with an experienced video producer: Luz Criação.

Project Background

Hospital das Clínicas is the largest public hospital in Latin America. To optimize the relationship with their customers, we proposed the HCTV project. The online TV created a space to discuss, educate and inform on various medical topics, based on cutting-edge research, academic studies, disease prevention, and health promotion.

My role

As the project lead, I worked on and managed various parts of the project such as recruitment, visual identity, editorial and social media strategy. I also conceptualized and designed an advertising campaign for the launch of the TV.


I’m very proud to have worked with this talented team:

  • Dino Tudor (Web Developer)
  • Fabian Rossetti (Web Developer)
  • Fabio Ferraz (Reporter)
  • Felipe Gushiken (Lawyer)
  • Fernanda Piccablotto (Reporter)
  • Fernando Jacinto (Web Developer)
  • Frederico Morbach (Motion Designer)
  • Gustavo Pimentel (Producer)
  • Hanne Giacini (Web Designer)
  • Humberto Ribeiro (Web Developer)
  • Ingrid dos Santos (Producer)
  • Joás Ferreira (Social Media)
  • Jean Dias (Motion Designer)
  • Mariana Armentano (Copywriter)
  • Mazinha Silva (Marketing)
  • Marcelo Blanc (Sound Designer)
  • Paulo Barbeiro (Web Developer)
  • Renato Schutz (TV Editor)
  • Roberto Barbeiro (Business Developer)
  • Roberto Perfeito (Media Planner)
  • Rose Castilho (Marketing)
  • Sérgio Kuwahara (TV Editor)
  • Thays Scavacini (Reporter)
  • Walace Nascimento (Camera)

Project Deliverable

Over 2 million subscribers in the first two years, making the project a commercial success. The list of tasks and tools developed by my team and I included:

  • Content Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Web TV
  • Mobile TV (iPhone and Android)
  • SEO
  • Social Media: Twitter and Orkut
  • Brochure
  • Magazine Ads
  • Promotional videos
  • Monthly Magazine
  • Media Kit