Live performances on the streets of São Paulo

The first “AHA” moment during University was when a professor wrote on the board 10 most influential movie directors and he said: “In our library you can find films of all these directors, if you watch and understand them you will be good on my classes.”

The first movie I saw was Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange”, it changed my life! Soon after I watched David Lynch’s “Lost Highway” and never stopped… I became a cinephile

Arte Ao(s) Vivo(s)

Years later I bought a Mini-DV camera and enrolled in a video production course. I produced, literally, hundreds of short movies.

Meanwhile my friend Marcelo Amorim, created a art collective called Arte Ao(s) Vivo(s), he and 2 actors were making some live performances on the streets of Sao Paulo

Marcelo invited me to join Arte Ao(s) Vivo(s) as video maker, GaTo is one of our performances: