This is the last in a series of 3 posts, where I shared my creative process used to design Fotos Públicas, Brazil’s biggest free stock photos platform. From the UX design process to the web portal’s launching day, I just had 30 days. I successfully delivered it in 25 days!

In this post, I’ll be talking about the website refinements that we made, based on user feedback and data analyses.

Website refinements

After 6 months collecting user data and feedback, we gained some import insights on how to improve the UI. Besides that, 2014 was a special year in Brazil. It would host the Soccer World Cup and the Presidential Elections were scheduled for the end of the year. I had to create different structures for each of those new event sections.


One of the most important of the website refinements was on the main navigation. The site grew fast, there were already 15 different editorials and we had to accommodate this 2 new areas, actually 3, the Brazilian Carnival 2015 was about to happen.

The navigation links were replaced by a hamburger menu, linking to the new footer’s sitemap. That’s because the stakeholders suggested bringing the social media buttons to the top, and still be adding the 3 new areas, which would make the main menu too cluttered.

Website refinements: New menu

Displaying the content

Much of the feedback was about the highlights slider and the post list. People wanted to see more galleries per line, even with smaller images, contradicting the results of the first interviews.

I then transformed the highlights slides in a carousel, and converted the galleries that were 2 columns to 4 columns.

Website refinements - New Homepage

New Sections Solution

I also prepared special areas for the World Cup 2014, Brazilian Elections 2014 and Carnival 2015.

For the World Cup the user could filter the content using country flags. For the Elections the filter was by: Party, State, and Public Post, and when clicking on the samba school logo, directed to the Carnival section.

Terms of Use alert

Fotos Públicas stakeholders also wanted a stronger warning for the copyrights of the images. I created an on roll over overlay with the warning.

Website refinements: New terms of use warning

Refining the search

And last but not least, they wanted search filters.

Website refinements: New search with filters

Hopefully the serie was useful to you. If you have any questions, critics or suggestions, feel free to contact me.