This post is the 2nd in a series of 3 posts, where I’m sharing my creative process used to design Fotos Públicas, Brazil’s biggest free stock photos platform. From the UX design process to the web portal’s launching day, I just had 30 days.

In the first post, I describe the whole UX process: User Interviews, User Flow and Wireframing. Now, let’s dig into the visual identity creation.

Visual Identity – Creative Process

From the beginning of the visual identity creation to approval, I worked for 5 days.

The presentation bellow was created on Apple Keynote, where I presented the concept of the logo and examples of its different applications. Usually I present 2 different logo options to the client, but with tight time I presented only 1 option.

This happens not only with tight deadline projects: when I’m confident that I have the perfect logo, I don’t give the client another option.

See another example of this kind of keynote.

Bringing the visual identity to the web portal

When I finished the visual identity, the WordPress site was ready. Before I started to style it, I met the content guys and taught them how to use the CMS using SEO techniques. This way they could start adding the content and we could check in real life if the wireframe was effective and the system was running smoothly.

This process took 4 days. I used HTML, CSS and jQuery. I needed 1 more day to adjust it to tablets, smartphones and Internet Explorer 8.

We were ready for the launch 5 working days before the deadline, yo! We sent the website to 10 publishers, to gain some feedback.

In 2 days we had a small list of suggestions. We implemented only 1 for the launch, because some of them were not really important and 2 of them difficult to change for the upcoming photo fair launch.

In the next post I’ll be sharing how we implemented refinements on the UI, using data analyses and users feedback.

Website refinements