It’s true that content is king, but great content with bad design doesn’t achieve its best.
If you already have a blog or are starting a new one, it’s tough to find a great WordPress theme from the hundred thousands options available out there.

Top 3 free WP Themes for your blog

On Google you will find many blog posts with the best 10, 30, 50+ themes but to be honest most of them are not that great. In order to make your choice easier, here are my top 3 themes. They are all free, well designed and customizable.

Twenty Fifteen

Hey wait, twenty fifteen among the best themes of twenty sixteen?
Yes! While every year WordPress comes with a new default theme and this one was released in 2015, it’s still the best theme that ever came with the system.

This theme comes with a great set of easy customization tools: you can add your logo, favicon, header image, background image and it has 6 different color schemes.

In my opinion, this theme’s strongest and weakest point is the typography. It’s default font is very nice for readability, has a nice vertical rhythm, leading and measure. But you can’t change the font family.

I’d like to highlight Tatiana Bastos’ Efzin blog, that uses this theme with beautiful images and great content.


Dyad is developed by Automattic, the company behind WordPress. Customization is not the strongest point of this theme yet it’s on my list because its design is really nice. As the authors of this theme claim: “Dyad pairs your written content and images together in perfect balance. The theme is geared towards photographers, foodies, artists, and anyone who is looking for a strong photographic presence on their website.”

You can customize the site icon, add a header image, and change the site title color. But there are many other aspects that aren’t custumizable, for instance as you may notice, you can’t add your own logo.

Mnmal Light

WordPress has a big theme development community. Though as I mentioned on the introduction, to find a really well designed free theme is not easy. That’s the main reason I decided to create my own theme, and share with this great community.

First of all, Mnmal Light is totally responsive. You can use any of the 700+ Google Fonts and choose light or dark color scheme. It also comes with great set of icon fonts that I designed specially for this theme, and finally, I developed Mnmal Light with some stylish CSS animations and transitions.

As a result, your blog will look elegant, dynamic and remarkable. I will be thrilled to see how you apply all the available tools and check your blog’s final layout. Post your link on the comments, and I’ll feature it here.

Do you use another WordPress free theme on your blog?

Please, share with us on the comments bellow. Happy blogging!