I'm a multidisciplinary designer who helps early-stage startups grow by translating brand promises into outstanding designs that consistently work for marketing and digital products.

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Roberto Simoes

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Soulful & Cohesive Design MY GOAL User Centric Design PRODUCT Profit Centric Design BRAND

As buying decisions are primarily emotional, my data-driven design approach helps understand behavior and tap into your buyer's emotions with purpose and persuasion.

Strategic Design


I work directly with your key stakeholders to shape and activate soulful brands through vision, goals, and execution.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo
  • Stationery
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Packaging
  • Websites
  • Brand Style Guide


I align your business goals with user goals by designing data-informed, delightful user interfaces and comprehensive design systems.

  • MVPs
  • UX Research
  • Prototyping
  • User Interfaces
  • Animations
  • Design Systems

I Help You...

  1. Accelerate your time to market
  2. Showcase your business values
  3. Save time & money
  4. Captivate your customers
  5. Fulfill your vision
  6. Stand out from the crowd
  7. Grow, Grow, Grow

Selected Work

I helped launch several branding, graphic, web, and mobile projects. Your business can look something like this, too.

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By choosing to work with me, you support an independent designer and contribute to bigger things. I pledge 1% of my earnings to restoring the natural environment and planting trees.

I have been fortunate to collaborate with many innovative companies and am excited to work with yours. Send me a message on LinkedIn, and let's get started!

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